Our Hospital

Honest Care from Our Family to Yours

Dr. Tony Alber grew up in his dad’s veterinary hospital in rural New Mexico, both working large animals on dusty ranches and as an assistant in the small animal hospital in town. As a young boy, he developed a strong vision of what it meant to be a veterinarian – hard work, honesty, problem solving, practicality, and a lot of good communication. His dad embodied all of these traits. It was amazing to witness all that can be accomplished with two willing parties and a handshake. So while the veterinary industry has changed immensely since those days, Dr. Alber is determined never to forget the ideals he learned by watching his dad all those years ago.

These experiences helped shape the vision for Higley Groves Animal Hospital. Our hospital is staffed by a close knit group of experienced veterinary professionals that have been together for almost 12 years. Our team is family, and our clients can feel that when they walk through the door. Together we strive to practice veterinary medicine the old fashioned way…with no gimmicks, no fluff, just an honest service for an honest price.

We believe our clients are doing us the favor by coming through the doors, not the other way around. Dr. Alber takes an individualized, practical approach to every case, and has trained his staff to do the same. As a pet owner, you will be educated every step of the way and given options for your pet’s care. Our staff is always happy to answer questions and help you make proper medical decisions for your furry family member.

We are passionate about helping our clients through both the joys and challenges of pet ownership with a caring, practical, conscientious and non- judgmental approach. Call or contact us today to learn more about the care we provide.