COVID-19 Notice

To the clients of Higley Groves Animal Hospital,

Amid these uncertain times while we as individuals, families, communities, nations, and as a world face this global pandemic caused by COVID-19, we wanted to let you know that we clearly understand the gravity of the situation. Since veterinary hospitals have been deemed “essential businesses”, our goal is to remain open and available to serve our clients and their pets. In doing so, we have implemented many extra precautions in order to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.

  • IF YOU ARE SICK, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A COUGH AND/OR FEVER or OTHER SIGNS OF RESPIRATORY ILLNESS, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO OUR HOSPITAL. If your pet has an emergency, please have another family member that is not ill bring your pet for curbside service. If you are sick and your pet’s issue is not an emergency, please reschedule.
  • We are offering curbside service to as many appointments as possible, especially any wellness care. Please call when you arrive and we can come to your car when we are ready for your pet or to deliver meds or food for pick-up.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE exercise extreme levels of personal hygiene if you DO need to enter our hospital by washing your hands before and after entering or using hand sanitizer, keeping a distance from our employees as much as possible, touching as few surfaces as possible, and coughing or sneezing into your elbow. We would ask that only ONE person from your family come into the hospital, if necessary, whenever possible.
  • We are keeping in-person communication to a minimum, therefore we will communicate more by phone, and you can pay by phone.
  • We may need to decline offering certain non-essential services or work-ins if deemed that our schedule cannot accommodate them.
  • We have increased and enhanced our cleaning protocols throughout the day and we make every attempt to disinfect surfaces often.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience as we all navigate through these unprecedented times.

This too shall pass, hopefully sooner rather than later. We appreciate your patronage and feel honored to be caregivers to your pets and look forward to the day when all will go back to normal.


Dr. Alber and the entire staff of Higley Groves Animal Hospital